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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are mentioned between BBB Infraventures Pvt. Ltd. (referred to as ÔÇťOptiaxis") and the users of the Website describe the terms for Business, Vouchers, Products, Services, Pricing & Delivery.

Please read the all Terms & Conditions carefully before availing any services or purchasing any product from the website. Your acceptance to the Terms & Conditions and your agreement, to be legally bound shall be signified by any purchase made by you through the website of the products/services. Also you will be bound by terms of using the website, Terms & Conditions related to any promotional offers, discounts or any such product which are bound by the terms of vendor or third party.

In any condition if you do not agree to the following Terms & Conditions then please do not purchase any product/service or do not access the website:

T & C Related to Business: -

1.   You are acknowledged that without any notice, Optiaxis has the right to discontinue or change any Service at any time.

2.   You are further acknowledged that Optiaxis may add or modify the process, mode or conditions of purchase at any time.

3.   You agree that Optiaxis shall not be liable to you (user) or to any third party for discontinuing or modifying any Services or products.

T & C Related to Gift Vouchers: -

1.   Optiaxis will provide the pre-negotiated deals for a particular product/service at a given price for a given place from which Gift Vouchers can also be a part of the deal and they will be subject to the additional Terms & Conditions, if mentioned.

2.   You are requested to use the voucher accordingly as each Voucher will be printed with the necessary instructions on it which will contain its expiration period after which the gift voucher will not be valid.

3.   You will not be entitled to receive any credit or cash-back for the value of the Gift Voucher you don't redeem or use within the mentioned time period.

4.   You agree that at any time if you destroy or misplace the voucher, neither Optiaxis nor the Vendors shall be liable.

T & C Related to Product: -

1. makes the availability of variety of branded products at the price which you agree. Purchasing such products will be subject to the Terms & Conditions.

2.   Optiaxis offers SHIPPING for all the products on the Website as per the company's policy, which may be changed by Optiaxis without any notice to you.

3.   The price of products offered on the Website is mentioned to be as Optiaxis price which could be either equal to or less than the market price and the price at which you (user) will be given the product additional with the discounts offered will be mentioned in the retail invoice.

4.   Optiaxis reserves the right if any color variation occurs in the received product with respect to the photograph on website in spite of our best try not to do this.

T & C Related to Services: -

1.   You should take all responsibility for your own actions in utilizing the products purchased by you and Optiaxis shall not be liable for any such action.

2.   You represent that you are of legal age to register with and is not a person who should not be receiving services under the laws as applicable in India.

3.   You confirm that Optiaxis shall not be responsible for any deficiency in payment from your side for the services which you have purchased from our website. Paying for the services purchased is solely your responsibility.

T & C Related to Pricing: -

1. will provide you with the best possible prices on products and services that you buy from our Website. However, Optiaxis does not guarantee that the price will be the lowest as compared to others. Prices and the availability of products can be changed without any notice or any liability to you.

2.   While Optiaxis aims to provide you with accurate products, services and pricing information but some errors may occur. If any product or service is with an incorrect price or with any incorrect information, Optiaxis may either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

3.   Optiaxis has the right to modify the prices of the products or services at any time and providing you the further information through the contact information provided by you while registration.

T & C Related to Delivery: -

1.   Your shipping address, pin code will be verified. In the event case your order is not serviceable by our delivery partners then you are requested to provide us with an alternate shipping address which should be at our partner/merchant's delivery list. 

2.    In case there is any dispute regarding the shipment services for the area not covered by Optiaxis, we will not be responsible for the non-delivery of the product.


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