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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BBB Infraventures Private Limited is duly incorporated under the provisions/act of the Companies Act, 1956 (here referred to as ‘Company’), Company knows that You (a visitor or a registered user) bother how your information is used by our company and we really appreciate your confidence over us and we will maintain it carefully and sensibly. We let you have as much as possible control over your personal information. However, without revealing the required information you may not visit or use our website.  We are committed to maintain the confidentiality and security of your personal information. We would secure your information and side by side use it to provide you services.  Your data is collected and used by Optiaxis. You are advised to please read the Privacy Policy carefully. You will be allowing to use your data as according to the privacy policy by accessing this website, so if you don’t agree kindly don’t use it.

We would like to suggest you to:
  * Be comfortable and feel secure using our website/ mobile site.
  * Not to be afraid of filling your personal information, it would be secure with us.
  * Any query or concern related to privacy policy or any other policy, feel free to contact us.
  * Only use our website if you are allowing us to use your data as according to privacy policy.

Information that might be collected is as follows::

The information goes to:
We will collect anonymous information from you related to your identity only as part of a voluntary registration process, on-line survey or any combination. Our advertisers may collect anonymous traffic information from their own assigned cookies to your browser. Our website may contain links to other Web sites/applications and we will not be responsible for any privacy practices of such linked Websites/applications which we are not controlling, managing or we do not own.

Usage of Information:
We use Your personal information to:

#          Help us provide your personalized features

#          Modify our website according  to your interest

#         Recognize your access privileges/rights to our Websites

#         Able to contact you whenever required

#         Not to repeat the same advertisement material to you.

#          Provide you the services as requested

#          Preserve the social history as under current law or policies.

#         We will understand how our website is used by tracking your session and administer our website.

#         To see if you could avail respective promotions or discounts.

#         In order to deliver you better services.

Internally the information is used to:

* Focus our efforts for our products improvement
* Contact You for survey purposes
* Contact you related your order, processing of order or any other procedure or to notify you if you win any contest.
* To send you promotional materials from our sponsors or advertisers

Third party links or websites linked to our website:

The Website provides third-party advertisements and links to other websites. Optiaxis does not provide any of your personal Information to these third-party websites or advertisers. will be containing links to other websites ("Linked Site") which are operated by third parties and are not controlled or affiliated or associated with Optiaxis unless they are specified on the Website. is not responsible for any material, whatsoever received by you from any Linked Site. Accordingly, Optiaxis is not at all concerned about the privacy practices or policies of such third parties or terms of usage of such websites. Optiaxis will not be responsible for any information received from such site or link or available on them such as any music, photographs, videos, data, messages, text, sound, software or any other material’s integrity or quality. The information provided by you to such third party websites will be used or controlled by privacy policies of such websites and it is strongly recommended that you review the privacy policy on any such websites before using such websites.

These third-party websites and advertisers may use technology to send the advertisements directly to your browser with which they will automatically receive Your IP address. Our policy also not covers if they use JavaScript, Cookies or any other technology for their own purposes. Kindly contact them for any query or problem related to their privacy practices.

Any correction required in our privacy policies:

If you think that there is any inaccuracy in our privacy policy you can advice us to change it and we will entertain and appreciate your efforts.

To update anything or suggest us your ideas contact us at or you can call us at +919988779177


Optiaxis reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time and those changes will be applicable from the time they are posted on website. If you buy any product according to the old policies without reading the updates then Optiaxis will not be responsible for that event. Read them carefully and accessing our website will be an agreement that you have accepted them.

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