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About Us


It all started that day when our notice board was the centre of attraction because of the urgent meeting’s notice. We all gathered in the conference room and found it was not a meeting but a discussion to make about us for our website. Every employee just jumped out with a Wow feeling…!!! That this meeting is not to discuss boring topics but to speak whatever we want to but after some time we got to know that we were just there for questions and everything would be written by him only. That was a pretty one sided discussion but we enjoyed it.

It all started with a pretty critics based question that what’s Optiaxis in real?

We all were confused listening this that how to start but apparently our Writer started:
Optiaxis is specially designed for customers who like online shopping to be easy, fast and trustworthy. We are Devoted to the customers, who like eyewear (sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses & powered sunglasses) as an important fashion accessory along with their needs. (Does he mean ’needs’ to be as covering dark circles or a blue eye)

The second question which came out was how it started?

This time we all were ourselves looking towards our founder with our eyes saying Sir, this question belongs to you (OMG so emotional just about to cry…….)
He started as: “My father is in this business for last 25 years and we have a lot of satisfied NRI customers. One day one of them asked for our website so that he could view the stock and purchase online. My father was unanswerable and then I decided to make as his answer. (Wow so inspiring………….)

Now the questions were coming out like anything……Next was where you are all guys based?

This time everyone shouted:
Punjab (Did they really mean that…..??? First online shopping cart from Punjab and the serious atmosphere was broken by Bhangra)

Then one Geek from us asked Why Optiaxis people have another websites to choose?

Everyone wanted to kill him these anger looks towards him OMG he seriously had a minor heart attack but our Managing Director handled the situation…………
We enjoy our customers. We love them. We really focus on customer satisfaction with product’s unbeatable price, unique styles and offers available nowhere else. In best price we’ll make our customer show high on Fashion radar. The prescription eyeglasses we provide are best in class. (He just escaped)

The most interesting question of the day was do you have Fun @ Work?

(Everyone watching towards each other and then laughing) .
Founder: We do believe in customer satisfaction and do our work dedicatedly to get results. Talking about fun @ work yes we do have pizza parties, small celebrations, some tea parties with samosa and some appreciation events.

People say that online shopping website people do only work and have no life?

Our marketing manager replied, “Yes we are workaholic” but we care for our employees too. We do work, give everyone a healthy environment and everyone does the work on time so they have their life too. (Dude somebody tell him that working 6 days a week with unending stock and customers, I forgot that if I live at my home or at my office)

Then somebody asked tell something about your workplace, is it that cool and trendy like your stock?

Then our photo shoot and design expert said “My table and chair doesn’t know cat walk else my workplace would have been on ramp.”
The Founder readily spoke “We also have a flashy room where you feel like celebrity” (Somebody tell him that it’s our photo studio)

Some customers asked us that how are you growing so fast?

Our marketing head replied: Our key for continues growth would always be our number of satisfied customers and best prices in the whole market proving our motto very true which is to provide you with best quality of vision at best price. We are not making them cheap but actually we value your most desired and precious choice through our huge variety in an accessible price.

Any message for the customers to inspire them:

Our Founder was getting ready for a long and boring speech, everyone looking at each other and he started:
We want to enter customer’s Heart by fitting our trendy product into his pocket and make him say “I love Optiaxis”. We are 24*7 dedicated to take care of your Fashion, eyes health as well service satisfaction. (Everybody started clapping to end the speech………)


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